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Formal Formula

Formal Formula is a how to guide to dress and impress for any special occasion. The Formal Forumla magazine is distributed throughout Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Supporting the magazine is an up to date website, focusing on fashion for both genders, accessories, beauty, entertainment and current issues that are being faced with today in the media.

We have joined forces with PublicIMG (Mark Sullivan Bradley) to shoot the publication of AFormalAffair‘s formal dresses. The team from PublicIMG were shooting stills and our team, shooting the BTS (behind the scenes) and the Formal Formula’s pre launch video. The destination of the photoshoot was at Tivoli Brisbane and was the perfect establishment to shoot for the various type of dresses, colours and lighting.

To see the final publication by PublicIMG make sure you grab a copy of Formal Formula’s free magazine or scroll down below to view some BTS shot form our D&G photographers.

Design&Grow Photographer/Videographer: Larry Lim
Design&Grow Assistant Photographer: Kelsey Carr
PublicIMG Photographer: Mark Sullvian Bradley
PublicIMG Assistant Photographer: Tom Heenan

Amber Garde

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